Innovate For TKM

Innovate For TKM

Innovate for TKM is an event conducted by IEDC, TKMCE focused on first and second year students of any branch. The event is developing and prototyping an idea that fits as a solution for any problem you come across inside our college.

Rules & Regulations
    Event criteria
  1. The participants can participate in a team of 3 or 4
  2. ALone wolfs are also welcome.
  3. Interbranch teams are allowed.
  4. Final date for abstract submission will be 18/01/2020
  5. The event mainly comprises of three rounds

This is the round of abstract submission. The students has to submit an abstract that briefly explains about their problem statement and also the technical solution for the problem. The participants can upload their abstract through the online IEDC portal. *Word limit for abstract – 600 words
Your idea is evaluated in this stage. The selected teams of Round-1 has to prepare a presentation that explains about their idea and way of implementation. A model presentation template will be sent to the selected teams. The judges will evaluate the team’s presentation and the quality of solution.
This stage is prototype development. Only top three or four teams are qualified to this round. The participants has to implement their product and develop the prototype. Any kind of technical support and mentorship can be expected by the participants of this round. Cost of development will be reimbursed upon submission of financial report.
*The number of qualified teams of Round-3 can vary based on the total number of participants.
** Cost of development will be reimbursed up to a maximum of Rs.5000.
*** The judging panel’s decision is final in every round.
The final winners will be selected based on successful running of their product in the campus for two weeks.
First Prize – Rs. 20,000/-
Second Prize – Rs. 10,000/-
*This amount given will be inclusive of the cost of development.

  1. V R BABU 8301976198
  2. Jishnu 9562438038
  3. Yadhu 8547171173
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