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Yes Meal

YesMeal is the fastest growing delivery service provider at Cochin. Their logistics service is offered to businesses encompassing restaurants, e-commerce companies, retailers, grocers, pharmacies, food tech platforms, and more. To consistently provide their customers with impeccable service they employ an expansive fleet of riders and offer 24*7 service assistance. They touch lives by providing exceptional values to their clients with passion, zeal, care and utmost professionalism.

MACHINSER Technologies

Meaningful innovations in various genres are the key around which MACHINSER Technologies is centered. They excel at providing IT solutions and services catering to the fresh challenges of the corporate world, through the use of latest technology. They offer simple and cost-effective solutions, tailored to the specifics, and ensuring absolute customer satisfaction. Founded in 2014, initially operating in the web and mobile app development domain, MACHINSER Technologies progressively expanded its reach into cutting edge technology in Software Development, Digital Marketing & Branding, and Hardware Solutions. They differentiate themselves by the use of recent innovative technology, which has favored their growth over the three years. Their commitment to client satisfaction has won them a goodwill among the community, which is of utmost importance to them. They assure you an amazing client experience with them

Yathra manthra

Yatramantra Holidays a unique travel guide, an ample service provider and one of the friendly tour operators is a brand new offshoot exclusively dedicated to make the Kerala Tour a memorable event of your life. Yatramantra offers you the best customized Kerala tour packages in the industry and gives you all inclusive holidays ranging from resorts, hotels, spas, home stays, houseboat services to travel agents and many more related to itinerary of your choice

QuadZeta Technologies

Quadzeta was founded in 2017 to ignite the information revolution. Now biased news and negative news are pushing sadist mentality in human race to the next level. Spreading fake news is easy as ever in the history. No one knows what to trust. In this Digital age, information should be free and trustable to shape the next-generation who are capable of sorting out the truth.

One Library Per Village

To create awareness and share the latest tools, services and resources which enrich the experiences of users of the libraries and enhance their learning and career development activities. To support scholarship, intellectual growth and critical inquiry, and to promote a continuing love of learning in a welcoming space where people choose to gather.

Incubating companies


The company provide an online platform for a driver to post that his vehicle is travelling from a point to another and also a passenger ,the facility to search the acailability of vehicles in his route. By using this facility the user can reduce the excess entry of vehicles ti the road, meanwhile the user can reduce the consumption of fuel and over emission of polluting substances to the environment .

MAD-C Technologies

MAD-C technologies is a startup continuing to accomplish its long time goals by doing freelamce works in the field of Web Development , App Development,Designing and Graphics abd also in marketing works. Classes and training young minds (school students primarily)and provide practical skill enhancement classes (ABLAZE).


From the invention of the telescope to colonizing the planet mars ,there is no bound to what technology can do AGRIVATOR is an innovation team that works on bringing the same kind of change in one of the most essential sector,agricultural.


This company aims to connect the artistically tuned and aesthetically based professional from all over the world to those who enjoy art in a sensual level. They wants to connect artists ,craftsmen ,skilled persons all parts of the world ,irrespective of their age,sex and country and bring them under a common platform.

Heart For Art

The company expect to build ecommerce website that act as a platform for art enthusiasts and artist to meet provide freelancing of art services & there will be artist rating system for customers to show their feedback of purchases & artist profile that showcase their previous works & cost of works & custom works.

Wall Tales Media

It is a service based media production company which makes advertisement videos, After movies,stary up idea explanatory videos etc... The company aims to provide best service & quality output at comparatively cheaper rates than normal market rate.


Medicity is unable to capture feedback across various departments due to which patients go to other hospitals rather than complaining which impacts to their brand and revenue loss. The AI technology provides superior solutions to the existing problems in the industry level. By leveraging artificial intelligence and its core branches, problems faced by different industries can be studied and suitable custom solutions can be provided, which is exponentially better than any other methods.


The basic reason of the company’s APP is factors contributing to better event management in a wedding. There was a strong need of this type of APP for the Parents/Families so that they can perform their tasks effectively and efficiently. Previously, some of the work had done been done on some of its related topics but our purpose for this APP is to exactly solve those factors which helps the Parents /Families to organize the events better. During different phases of organizing events: Some problems come at the planning stage of events. Some problems come at the scheduling stage. Some occur on the day of events. Because of these problems organizing an event is not an easy task. Parents/Families come across different problems and hurdles due to which they cannot organize better events.

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