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To be a great place to work, we need great people to work with us. Everything we do, every year, in more ways than one, helps to make a unique contribution to the spirit of Innovation and Entrepreneurship in our Campus.

IEDC TKMCE an open opportunity to all students to join our core Executive Committee. We are looking forward to meet new potential candidates who are committed to our core values, with strong work ethic, and exceptional skills. We strongly believe that bringing together Exceptional people yields stellar results.

We have fundamentally restructured our core objectives and functions. We intent to follow a strict code of conduct which will be monitored by our Nodal Officer, Dr. Imthias Ahammed T P. Working along with us will not only boost your managerial and technical skills, but also benefit you to develop a strong network with all communities across Kerala. You will be an official representative of TKMCE working with Kerala Startup Mission Authorities.

If you love the idea of working with our amazing team in a culture of creative excellence, we want to hear from you! Inspire. Innovate. Ignite.

Carefully read the General Information about IEDC TKMCE, Objectives and Functions, Roles and Responsibilities as you will be having a two stage interview with our Founders and Board members. Please go through all the sections as you are applying.

About IEDC

The Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Cell of TKMCE is an organisation that aims to promote the institutional vision of transforming youngsters into technological entrepreneurs and innovative leaders. The initiative is to address the rising trend of corporate job culture and establish a platform to pursue ideas and businesses at an early stage. We at IEDC TKMCE host various workshops, speaker sessions, competitions to develop skill sets and provide essential resources to take up entrepreneurship as a career.
Launched back in 2015, the organisation has been very successful in all our endeavours. We have been able to multiple startups on various domain from our campus.
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  • To promote an innovation driven entrepreneurship culture among the students.
  • To develop and promote commercially viable innovative product and solution from the students.
  • To promote enterprise among budding technopreneurs and thereby creating more employment opportunities.
  • To bridge the gap between Industry and Academia.
  • To support the budding Entrepreneurs through Grants and to create an entrepreneurship flavor in the academic fraternity.
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  • To create a platform for the young brains to develop their skills and to give proper technological exposure.
  • To provide Technology & Management Skill Training to the students and Faculties in building their innovative product or solution.
  • To create specialisation hubs for promoting the culture of Entrepreneurship among the student communities.
  • To create awareness and interest among faculties and students through workshops and Hackathons.
  • To provide exposure to technology and entrepreneurship by providing Job opportunities and Internship in relevant Industry.
  • To motivate, support and mentor students for identification, development and commercialisation of their innovative ideas.
  • To initiate targeted number of innovative student projects every year.
  • To organise Business Plan Competitions/Innovation Camps/ Hackathons with active involvement of industry and alumni.
  • To arrange interaction with entrepreneurs, bankers, professionals, potential customers and create a mentorship structure for student innovators.
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    Office Bearers – Roles & Responsibilities

    The organisation at the college level shall be run completely by students who constitute the Executive Committee. The day to day management of the IEDC at the college shall be undertaken by the Executive Committee. The respective roles and responsibilities for every position is given below. The Executive Committee of the IEDC shall be constituted by students from the college consisting of the following:
    1. CEO: Chief Executive Officer (4th Year or 3rd Year)
    2. COO: Chief Operating Officer (4th Year or 3rd Year)
    3. CTO: Chief Technology Officer (4th Year or 3rd Year)
    4. CFO: Chief Financial Officer (4th Year or 3rd Year)
    5. CMO: Chief Marketing Officer (3rd Year or 2nd Year)
    6. CCO: Chief Creative Officer (3rd Year or 2nd Year)
    7. CIO: Chief Information Officer (3rd Year or 2nd Year)
    8. E-CELL HEAD (3rd Year or 2nd Year)
    9. IR-Cell Head (3rd Year or 2nd Year)
    10. Maker Space Head (3rd Year or 2nd Year)
    All student candidates are required to submit their applications after thoroughly reading through the roles and responsibilities of the position of their interest. Students must include their major achievements, experience and other details as directed. A LinkedIn profile is mandatory for all applicants.
    For more queries, Contact:
    V R Babu : 8301976198
    Amos Maliakal : 9072860030

    Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

    Chief executive officer (CEO) is the highest-ranking executive in a IEDC, whose primary responsibilities include making major decisions, managing the overall operations and resources of a IEDC TKMCE, acting as the main point of communication between the board of directors (the board) and our operations and being the public face of IEDC TKMCE. The CEO shall set a One - Year plan in place in tune with the society objectives. He or she also must establish interface with the Board and College Governance. The CEO also has the additional responsibility of coordinating with Startup Village and Technopark TBI for marks and attendance of students through Student Entrepreneurship Policy. Major Responsibilities:
  • Define the action plan, end goals and strategy
  • Connect the tasks of all the teams: ensure the teams are rowing in the same direction, and sync feature launches with marketing campaigns.
  • Preside over the Board of Directors and keep board members and KSUM authorities updated and informed.
  • Create and care for the IEDC values
  • Keep the team motivated.
  • Modelling and setting up the IEDC as profitable model. Plan for the revenue generation through innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • CEO is a part of selection of other office bearers.
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    Chief Operating Officer (COO)

    The COO has the responsibility of heading operation and shall help in the implementation of the plan put in place by the CEO. The COO also has the responsibility to adopt strategy for effective implementation of daily activities.
  • COO is second in command and should help all the activities of CEO in addition to that he/she should take the responsibility of CEO in his/her absence.
  • Permissions and other arrangements for the smooth conduct of activities under IEDC TKMCE is the responsibility of COO.
  • Overseeing operations of the IEDC TKMCE and the work of executives.
  • Allot and select IEDC members for attending number of competitions, hackathons, Exhibitions and workshops.
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    Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

    The CFO has primary responsibility for managing IEDC's finances, including financial planning, record-keeping, and financial reporting. The CFO directly assists the CEO on all strategic and tactical matters relating to budget management and securing of new funding.
  • Should prepare a financial budget including all the proposed expenses for each academic year.
  • Allocation of funds for various IEDC activities.
  • The CFO should maintain an account book for activities and be audited by the Assistant Nodal officer.
  • Control and evaluate the IEDC fundraising plans and capital structure.
  • The CFO should collect all the Bills and related documents and keep it in safe custody. All the bills and other related documents should be verified by the Nodal Officer.
  • The CFO should ensure the allocation of funds for various activities as per the rules of Kerala Startup mission.
  • The CFO should present a Finance statement in the weekly IEDC meeting.
  • Honorarium for Speakers, Judging Panels and Invitees for external events are decided by CFO, with the advice and consent of the IEDC Nodal Officer.
  • Registration fees for various events should be collected by the CFO and the collected amount should be deposited in the bank account within a particular period of time.
  • Facilities like food, snacks, stationery items etc are purchased by the CFO.
  • A three member financial team should be created with member from the junior year to plan and execute the financial tasks.
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    Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

    The CMO has to coordinate evangelization and marketing drives. The CMO also has the responsibility to raise sponsorships. CMO plays a major role in the overall Outlook of IEDC TKMCE. Major Responsibilities:
  • Set marketing goals and objectives.
  • Plan, implement and manage marketing strategy.
  • Contribute to the overall growth of the company.
  • Should be capable of working with the design team to generate promotional items (Posters, Notices, Ads etc.)
  • Stay up to date with the latest best marketing practices followed in Instagram and LinkedIn.
  • CMO has to collectively work with CCO to ensure maximum participation for College events.
  • CMO will be one of the executive members in the IEDC Design startup – DesigNova
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    Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

    CTO is in charge for technological information dissemination and technical skill development of students. Major Responsibilities:
  • Setting a vision for how technology will be used in IEDC initiatives.
  • Ensuring that the technological resources meet the IEDC requirements.
  • Outline the goals for research and development.
  • Acting as a mentor to team members.
  • Staying on top of technology trends and developments.
  • Introduce topics for technical workshops.
  • Initiate peer learning groups.
  • Liaison with SIG Excom, on the conduction of classes.
  • Monitor the works undertaken by Maker Cell and IR Cell.
  • Student side decision maker regarding funding of projects.
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    Chief Creative Officer (CCO)

    The Chief Creative Officer is responsible for the creative events and activities in the college. Major Responsibilities:
  • Works with the CEO to develop cohesive and productive goals for IEDC and designs ways to meet them.
  • Transforms rough ideas and general concepts into actions, projects, and completed products or messages.
  • Leads the creative team and directs project completion in line with IEDC goals.
  • Develops design concepts along with CMO that further the company’s brand identity.
  • Inspires the creative team to more advanced and better work using brainstorming sessions, team meetings, and other strategic tools.
  • Formulates short- and long-term creative goals and strategies for achieving them.
  • Maintains consistency over the quality and message of the creative team’s output.
  • Anticipates the future direction of IEDC using both research and own insight and brings the organisation into the fore of that trajectory.
  • Assigns tasks to creative team and supervises their timely completion.
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    Chief Information Officer (CIO)

    The Chief Information Officer is responsible for the providing information to the public and answering questions about the processes and programs of the Society.
  • CIO must know how IEDC operates in college. The processes involved, Byelaws etc. are to be fully understood by the CIO.
  • CIO has to stay updated regarding all the Startup Schemes in KSUM, latest initiatives and events.
  • CIO will be the PoC with KSUM Authorities.
  • The CIO should document each and every activity held under IEDC TKMCE. He/She should prepare an event report with a short description and pictures from the event after each activity.
  • Providing necessary data regarding IEDC activities for any kind of accreditation purposes is the duty of the CIO.
  • The Chief Information Officer must make sure that all the activities are being updated in the IEDC Portal by Kerala Startup Mission.
  • He/She should also prepare the Annual Activity Report of IEDC TKMCE for the corresponding year at the end of each year which is to be presented at the Annual General Meeting.
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    Assist the CTO in developing application based technical skills in students and thereby bringing a maker culture among students. Major Responsibilities:
  • Conduction of Annual Maker Fair.
  • Monitor the working of the maker space and Hardware library.
  • Introduction of hobby projects.
  • Mentoring the hobby projects of students and ensuring its completion.
  • Assist the CTO in implementing the workshops.
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    Responsible for developing an interest towards Entrepreneurship. Major Responsibilities-
  • Conduct story telling sessions to promote interest.
  • Introducing the business model and its different aspects.
  • Conducting meetups to discuss latest news in the entrepreneurship sphere.
  • Sessions where case studies are discussed and monetising schemes can be brainstormed.
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